About Us

About Us

We are the ones who make the dreams of unique outfits of mothers and their little princesses come true. Our creations are able to give sincere delight to both adults and young fashionistas.

The online store of accessories and clothes matchingdresseslilyland.com is a family territory: a huge selection of original things and accessories for parents and children, for lovers, for the whole family. We have been working on our concept for a long time and decided to combine the family warmth with the latest trends.

What will you find with us?

Our store offers a wide selection of different products that will delight you with their impeccable appearance and excellent quality. Among them:

  • Outerwear: hats, demi-season jackets, vests, winter jackets, leather jackets, coats, trench, and eco-fur coats. The whole product will become indispensable elements of the wardrobe during the cool seasons, emphasizing the individuality of its owners.
  • Children's elegant dresses. This category is represented by a wide variety of clothes made in different styles. It is perfect for any special occasions, making every girl a real star.
  • Dresses for a photoshoot. Here you can see not only clothes for daughters, but also beautiful outfits for women, as well as a unique line for pregnant women. With such models it will always be a pleasure to capture the moments of life in the photo.
  • Family look. Outfits made in the same style for mothers and their daughters are at the top of popularity. Here you will find both elegant products and everyday options that will always look good.
  • Casual wear. You need to be beautiful everywhere, so we have developed entire collections of everyday things. They included: knitted suits, tracksuits, swimwear, pants, skirts.
  • School uniform. It is possible to combine rigor and fashion trends! An example of this is just our line of things for school, which will emphasize the special style of young fashionistas.

The LilyLand store also offers its visitors a large selection of children's shoes and accessories. We can boast of an excellent selection of handmade products that will become highlights in the images of fashionistas. Among them: hairpins, elastic bands, hair hoops, bows, gloves.

Why are we the best

Over the years of our existence, we have gained many regular customers who again and again admire our work. We are chosen for several reasons:

  • Stylish design. All our products are created on the basis of the latest design concepts, thanks to which you will always be in trend.
  • High quality. We are very careful about the tailoring of products and the selection of materials, so we guarantee the strength of our products, as well as their hypoallergenicity.
  • Attentive staff. We always treat our customers with care, and our employees are ready to listen and take into account all wishes.
  • Fast shipping. Sending the order is carried out by us as quickly as possible (usually within 2 days), so that the client can receive the desired product without a long wait.
  • Convenient payment. You can pay for the product with us in any way convenient for you, whether it is payment by card or by bank details.

Choose LILYLAND and enjoy the best outfits with the whole family!