Baby Tutu Dress For 1st Birthday

 Choosing dresses for little princesses is very difficult. Especially when it comes to such an important event as a birthday. Let's look at all the features of this process.

The first birthday is one of the most memorable holidays for every child. Most of them are close to the hearts of little ones and their mothers, who, with a couple of months of their daughters' lives, are already ready to create a fairy tale for them. Best of all, their little fashionistas appreciate bright outfits that attract the attention of all guests. How to choose a dress? It is necessary to take into account several nuances.

The event dictates its own rules

Birthday is always a high-profile event, which is attended by many people. Among them can be both relatives and close friends, as well as their children. As a result of this outfit, the birthday girl should undergo colorful experiments, as a result of which she will become a real star. It is best to choose airy clothes that are complemented by shiny details (sequins or pebbles), as well as scattered embellishments (like bows and belts). Such a children's tutu dress for the first birthday will not leave anyone indifferent.

Style features

Of the variety of styles in children's fashion, tutu dress has firmly entrenched itself. It looks elegant, but does not restrict movement. Often such outfits have belts that emphasize the waist. When choosing a style, consider the temperament of the child. For mobile girls, a light loose fit is more suitable.

What's in color

The most common choice for a baby dress is pink and pastel colors. But not everyone wears it. Moreover, children also have different types: dark-haired girls are celebrated in a bright tone, and young blondes are decorated with dark outfits. Good manufacturers of children's clothing include different colors in their collections.

How to choose quality tailoring?

No matter how beautiful the dress looks, poor-quality tailoring will quickly make you disappointed in the purchase. This did not happen, pay attention to the possible points.

  • The seams should be even, without threads sticking out or hanging from the hem. The edges of cuts overcast with an overlock must be stable and not cause discomfort, irritating the skin. Be sure to check the product for strength, slight stretching at the seams. High-quality tailoring will stand the test, and if the threads disperse, then such a thing is not worth buying - it will quickly fall apart.
  • The wrong side of the embroidery or appliqué must be supplied with a soft lining.
  • Buttons, sequins, buckles and other decorative details must be firmly sewn on, not glued.
  • Be sure to check how the "zipper" is fastened, whether the edges of the fabric fall between the teeth.

Is it important for a girl to be fashionable in her first year? Of course. As a rule, not only fashionably visited mothers come to the girl for the holiday, but also invited photographers. They arrange photoshoots that become memorable for a lifetime. Stylish dresses allow the whole family to harmonize and look brilliant.

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